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      Welcome to the 12th AGM of Friends of the Performing Arts Precinct (FOPAP).

      scan0003-2For a significant number of you this will be your 12th AGM and we thank you for your faithfulness to our Vision over these years.

      We need to remember that FOPAP came into existence as a lobbying group to ensure the establishment of a Regional Performing Arts Precinct of excellence in Gosford which would enrich the entire Central Coast Community.

      These past 12 months have been uncertain for FOPAP. We are aware that the former Gosford City Council was allocated the task of selecting a site for the Regional Performing Arts Precinct (RPAP) and we assume that the appointed Central Coast Council will expedite this process rather than defer the decision until the Council elections take place in September 2017.

      The location of the RPAP continues to be controversial. For many, the incomprehensible decision to build a Federal Tax Office and State Government Finance Office on such a picturesque and culturally sensitive site is hard to understand and accept. We are aware that the community, via Gosford Waterfront Alliance is testing the validity of these proposed developments through the Land and Environment Court.

      The Rotary (Poppy) Park also continues to be controversial. The State Government maintains that their substantial financial commitment towards the Regional Performing Arts Precinct and the Central Coast Conservatorium is still tied to this geographical site.

      Recently, we became aware of unresolved Native Title and Land Title claims on Crown Land on the Gosford Waterfront. It is our hope that the various parties will work together with the objective of coming to an informed consensus through dialogue. However, this may be a slow process.

      Although earlier design drawings for a RPAP remain “on the table” it is encouraging, in these uncertain times, to see that new and innovative architectural energy is flourishing. A local Gosford architectural firm is developing draft design options for the Gosford waterfront which will include a new plan for a RPAP. Although it is early days, we await with interest, their design concepts.

      The FOPAP Committee continues to take every opportunity to dialogue with the media, representatives from the three levels of government and other persons and groups of interest as outlined in our regular Newsletters, Website and Facebook. We have also visited Performing Arts Precinct facilities in other regions.

      As President of FOPAP I would like to extend my grateful thanks to this hard working Committee who have continued over the past 12 months to work tirelessly for our Vision.

      The Committee members are:- Peter Brandon (Vice President), Margaret Epps (Secretary) John Holt (Treasurer) Margaret Hardy, Claire O’Connor, Patrick Brennan, Valerie Everingham, Peggy de Seriere, Lorraine Parkes, Trevor Moore, Barney Waters.

      The FOPAP Committee remains steadfast in its resolve to continue working towards its Vision of seeing a Regional Performing Arts Precinct become a reality.

      The Central Coast Region needs and deserves this!

      Our grateful thanks to all members and supporters of FOPAP.

      Mark Thomas

      President of FOPAP


CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK: fopap-newsletter-2016-3


Dear Friends of FOPAP

The Board of Management of the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music has been closely following the debate concerning the future development of the Gosford Waterfront, and in particular the old Gosford Public School site. 


We believe that if ATO and NSW Treasury buildings are built on the site, then the opportunity to establish an iconic Performing Arts Precinct will be lost for generations to come. Future residents and tourists from around the world should be able to drive over the Brian McGowan Bridge and be greeted by a magnificent Performing Arts Precinct with endless artistic, cultural and recreational opportunities on offer to all who both live in, and visit, our wonderful region.


One only has to look at recent developments on Darwin’s Harbour to see what can be achieved by a community that holds these pursuits in high regard- a performing arts space surrounded by stunning walkways and associated businesses and accommodation. In addition it highlights the importance of the local Indigenous groups to the cultural heritage of  the Darwin area – something we sadly lack in our waterfront planning in Gosford. [Read More…]


The Friends of the Performing Arts Precinct Incorporated are based on the NSW Central Coast Region of Australia and represent all forms of performing arts. The Vision of the Friends includes:
  • an acoustic Concert Hall to seat 600 plus
  • a new Conservatorium of Music
  • a regional Auditorium
  • performance spaces for dance, drama, bands, singers
  • a cultural display centre for Indigenous people
  • cafes, public spaces

FOPAP Postal address:
PO Box 4414,
PRESIDENT: Mark Thomas,
Phone: 0417438148
SECRETARY: Margaret Epps,
Phone: 43811731
Email address: Email FOPAP
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