Notice of AGM for Friends of the Performing Arts Precinct Inc.

Saturday 23rd November  2019 at 3pm

Robert Knox Hall Central Coast Conservatorium
Mann Street Gosford


  1. Welcome
  2. Welcome to Country
  3. Reading of Minutes of AGM 2018
  4. Presidents report
  5. Financial report
  6. Election of office Bearers 2020
  7. General Business
  8. Close of AGM
  9. Special meeting ( Motion 1 to close FOPAP )

Moved Lorraine Parks:  Seconded Margaret Hardy

  1. General Discussion
  2. Motion 2: In the event that motion 1 is carried, all monies held by FOPAP will be held in trust by the Conservatorium for use in any future auditorium /concert hall development.

Moved Barney Waters: Seconded Sonya Ahearn
Special Extraordinary Meeting
At the last FOPAP committee meeting after much discussion a motion was moved and passed that at our next AGM a special extraordinary meeting be held and the motion be put and voted on by members:
“That the Incorporated Association Friends of the Performing Arts Precinct – k/a FOPAP be dissolved and cease to operate as of November 23, 2019 for the following reasons.
Central Coast Council’s decade long prevarication on  site/s, Finances and grant funding,  and non commitment to our FOPAP  Mission statement  resulting in  loss of dedication  within the Central Coast community.
Reduction in financial members & loss of key committee members. Some committee members unable to commit to further participation and long term planning .
This was brought about by the latest decision by CC COUNCIL to abandon the proposed Cultural Precinct and not proceed with the RPAC “at this time“.  However, the Council will proceed with the REGIONAL LIBRARY.    This is a great disappointment to all FOPAP members and to the Central Coast performing arts Community.  FOPAP has for many years been the driving force behind the building of a world class performing arts complex incorporating a State of the Art CONCERT HALL.
It has reached a point where some of the current FOPAP Committee members are no longer able to continue in their roles and without new members the committee would be unable to function.
At this time FOPAP has representation and is the only voice representing Community Performing Arts on the Central Coast Council REGIONAL PERFORMING ARTS & CONFERENCE CENTRE DESIGN WORKING GROUP COMMITTEE which was established to advise council on requirements and designs for the proposed CULTURAL PRECINCT
In the event that FOPAP should be closed? (Cease to operate) there would be no representation or Voice in Council.
We urge all FOPAP Members attend this important meeting or please send in your Appointment of Proxy form, att: 3, with your indication of how your proxy should vote & have your say in this important decision.
Barney Waters
President, FOPAP


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