Concert Hall/Theatre – are they the same?


I was pleased to read an article from Bob Brooks in a recent CC Express Advocate. It gives me an opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding which prevails in the community in regard to the purpose of constructing a Concert Hall within the proposed Regional Performing Arts Precinct in Gosford.
Mention was made in the article of the two major theatres on the Central Coast, Laycock Street Community Theatre and the new Wyong Art House. Both are very valuable live theatre venues however they are designed for theatrical performances rather than concerts.

Architectural and Technological requirements for theatre productions and concert performances are very different. A theatre with its stage, fly tower and wings is ideal for theatre productions however, for concert performances held in a theatre, the acoustic quality is significantly compromised for orchestras, bands, soloist and choirs etc. Attempts to overcome these acoustic challenges in a theatre are rarely successful for either the musicians or the audience.

A Concert Hall has minimal acoustic limitations between artists and their audience and hence is the kind of venue which will maximize the enjoyment for musicians, artists and audiences.

We cannot expect to attract world class concert performers to the Central Coast if we are unable to provide an appropriate, first rate, state of the art Concert Hall.

Business planning would suggest that these three premier performance venues (Laycock St. Theatre, The Wyong Art House and the RPAP Concert Hall) all of which have their specific strengths and performance genres will live in complimentary harmony with well patronised audiences, for the benefit of the whole Central Coast Community.

Mark Thomas

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